The Commonwealth Period (1649-1660)

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The Commonwealth Period (1649-1660) was a period in British history following the execution of King Charles I and the establishment of the Commonwealth of England. This period was marked by significant political and social changes, including the abolition of the monarchy and the House of Lords, the establishment of a republic and the trial and execution of the king.

The government was run by Oliver Cromwell’s military coalition, which established the Rump Parliament, a short-lived body composed of radical Puritan members who hoped to create a just society. Religious and political dissent was suppressed and strict laws were enforced. Despite being a period of substantial social, political and religious changes, this period also saw significant political and economic instability, including the return of the monarchy in the later years.

Overall, the Commonwealth Period was a tumultuous period in British history characterized by political change, social unrest and a desire to establish a new type of government.

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