Feminism & Gender Studies: Famous Books

Politics-and-Feminism-1999  Author:Barbara-Arneil
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Feminism & Gender Studies


1. Introducing Feminism

Author: Cathia Jenainati
Publisher: Totem Books
2.Title: Of Women Born Author: Adrienne-Rich 3. Title: Aint I A Woman Black Women and Feminism  Author: Bell Hooks  4.Title-Postfeminisms_-Feminism-Cultural-Theory-and-Cultural-Forms-1997  Author: Ann-Brooks 5.- Title Politics-and-Feminism-1999  Author:Barbara-Arneil 6.Title: Women-History-Feminism-2010 Carol-Dyhouse-Glamour 7.Title: Feminism and Anthropology (Feminist Perspective Series) Author: Henrietta L. Moore 8. Title: Feminism-and-Islamic-Fundamentalism_-The-Limits-of-Postmodern-Analysis-1999. Author: Hiadeh-Moghissi 9. Title: Indian Feminisms Law Patriarchies and Feminism in India Author: Geetanjali Gangoli 10.Gender-Trouble_-Feminism-and-the-Subversion-of-Identity-1999. Author: Judith-Butler

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